BIOVIA Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA


The Mobile Data Recording App for BIOVIA Workbook

Take the lab into your hands

BIOVIA Record is a dedicated mobile application for BIOVIA Workbook offering the cleanest, most intuitive and user-friendly mobile ELN interface available. It has been designed for the recording of experiment observations by users in Research and Development enabling the use of smaller mobile devices that can easily be carried around (like in a lab coat pocket). By comparison, more complex applications require a larger tablet or even a PC to use effectively.

Tasks that are of added value which can be performed on a mobile device with BIOVIA Record include for example, accessing the work list assigned to a specific user and the procedures to be followed – such as sample preparation – without the need of printing them out in order to have them available in the lab at the bench. BIOVIA Record allows users to directly record the information about the experiment – like recording observations in an experiment, annotating deviations from procedures, or capturing images. With the app, users are able to immediately record and update the observations associated with the experiment. There is no longer any need to use paper, line up at kiosk PCs, or to leave the lab to record data to the ELN.

BIOVIA Record allows users in Research and Development to work faster, easier and more comfortably throughout the lab. It helps users manage and streamline their lab workflow by giving them an overview of their tasks and experiments using an integrated electronic solution. The flexible ergonomic workflows eliminate errors and data transformations, as well as increases data quality. The connection to the BIOVIA Foundation ensures data integrity and security to maintain compliance.

Benefit of BIOVIA Record Capabilities:

  1. Work with a simple and intuitive user interface on a small mobile device for fast and easy accomplishment of tasks at the lab bench―without the constraints of client/web applications
  2. Enter experimental observations by typing, using handwriting recognition or voice recording
  3. Make use of native mobile apps like capturing pictures using the mobile camera
  4. Display your experiment procedure directly on the mobile device
  5. Have all recorded observations automatically and securely associated with your experiment.
  6. Rely on the connection to BIOVIA Foundation for fast integration and high data security

Improve Productivity and Efficiency while Improving Data Quality Using BIOVIA Record:

  1. Enables scientific users to visualize their procedures and record their observations while in the lab or at the bench.
  2. Has a workflow centric design to maximize the support of lab processes
  3. Includes a simple & intuitive user interface - fast and easy accomplishment of lab tasks.
  4. Connected to BIOVIA Foundation for fast integration and high data security.

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